Boy do I have a story for you!! Everyone… meet Aysia and Jovan. I met them in 2018 when they inquired about their 2019 wedding. A few months into their contract, they found out they were pregnant!! Obviously they decided to postpone until baby Jayce was safely here. So they naturally booked for 2020 (I think we all know how that one goes…) So after their 3rd wedding date, we finally landed on October of 2021! After 3 years of knowing these two we finally met & were able to shoot their long awaited big day, and let me tell you … they did not hold back! Aysia and Jovan had full on main character energy ALL DAY, so much that they actually did a music video during their reception… yeah it was THAT good. The photos were stunning, the wedding was beautiful, it was a freaking partyyy & I’m just so glad they got the wedding of their dreams! <3

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